We manufacture our own complete line of Cartridge, Assembly style Mechanical Seals for Industrial Pumps, Compressors, Mixers, Agitators, Reactors and Beadmill units.

Robco can provide emergency repair/engineering serivces and a fast turnaround 24 hours / day, 7 days / week.

Custom Designed Mechanical Seal
2.00" Robco EV17 custom designed / manufactured Cartridge seals for vertical mixing tanks - Texas.
Beadmill Seal Repair
95mm Netzsch beadmill double seal repaired & pressure tested - Pasadena, Tx.
Double Seal Unit Repair
3.00" Mixerpac double seal unit repaired & tested - Houston, Tx.
Mixer Seal Conversion
3.00" Lightnin Mixer Seal converted from single to double seal being re-assembled - Pasadena, Tx.
Reactor Seal Repair
80mm double Reactor seal repaired & pressure tested + new mounting flange - South Texas chemical plant.
Custom Seal Assemblies for Industrial Compressors
Custom designed / manufactured seal assemblies for industrial compressors - Louisiana.
Custom Design
Custom designed / manufactured Lip Seal for Centrifuge units - Louisiana.
Cartridge Mechanical Seal
60mm Rotary Union unit for beverage company - repaired & tested - South Carolina.
Double Mixer Seal Repaired
Pratt & Whitney double sided Carbon Seal Rings sent in for refurbishment - power plant in North Africa.
Pump Seal
3.75" EV03 double cartridge seal for Moyno Pump.
Mixer Seal Repair
Convert from single to double seal unit.
Cartridge Mechanical Seal
EV05 single spring cartridge seal.
Mixer Seal Repair
Type 8B high pressure.
Cartridge Mechanical Seal
3.25" seal for Lightnin mixer unit.
Assembly Seal
3.00" seal for 10,000 gal. mixing tank.
Mixer Seal
Ceramic lined double mixer seal.
Mixer Seal for Tank
Vertical mount mixer tank seal.
Pump Seal
Mixer Seal Repair
Sharpe mixer seal repaired and tested.
EV17 Mechanical Seal by Robco of America
4" EV17 on 12,000 gallon high pressure tank.
EV17 Robco Mechanical Seal
2.25" EV17 on subsea ROV motor operating depth 1000m.
EV05 Mechanical Seal by Robco of America
Custom seals for water and sewage industry.
EV06 Robco Mechanical Cartridge Seal
2.00" Robco EV06 Cartridge Seal.
Double Mixer Seal Repaired
Double mixer seal repaired & tested.