Emergency Dyno Mill Seal Repair

80MM Dyno Mill Seal Sent to Robco Repair Facility for Emergency Failure Analysis and Repair.

Seal has Silicon vs Silicon on product end. Stationary Silicon seat had cracked where it engaged an anti-rotation pin (Silicon is prone to this damage). The rotary Silicon had some pitting on lapped face. Both parts required replacing. Robco recommended upgrade to Tungsten Carbide for new stationary piece to eliminate any chipping issues. Rotary seat to stay as original Silicon. The outboard end of the seal had Carbon vs rotary Chrome coated face. The Carbon was worn and needed replacement. This repair job was carried out under emergency basis due to customer losing production. Seal was turned around in 5 business days. OEM had quoted 12 – 14 working days. Robco personnel delivered repaired seal to customer and oversaw installation and witnessed operation of seal to customers satisfaction.

Work Rendered

Double Beadmill Seal

80mm Double Beadmill Seal - all metal parts to be re-machined as required & polished on all o'ring seal surfaces. New o'rings & srpings to be installed.

These are the outboard end rotary chrome coated face and stationary carbon seat. The carbon seat is worn down and requires replacement. Rotary chrome coated face requires relapping and polishing on the o'ring sealing surface.

Metal parts ready for seal to be repaired.

New springs fabricated and new o'rings to be installed.

Seal repaired & pressure tested to 80 psig.

Seal being installed on the Dyno Mill unit.

Seal was installed, unit put back together and pressured up to test. Unit is back online.