A Guide to Maintaining CNC Machine Tools

CNC, short for Computer Numerical Control machines are a godsend for the manufacturing industry. Automation via this technique has made production of products and parts faster, cheaper, and more reliable than ever before. However, true to obsolescence, these machines can also fall into disrepair.

How to Choose the Best Barrier Fluid for Dual Seals?

A double mechanical seal has a cavity between the inner and outer faces where the liquid resides. In its unpressurized form, this liquid acts as a buffer between the contents pumped by the equipment and the outer environment, whereas the pressurized form creates a barrier between the two.

Mechanical Seal Pumps vs. Seal-Less Magnetic Drive Pumps

Most sectors in the United States employ mechanical sealing solutions in their pumps, whereas a rare few use seal-less ones in their applications. This is because magnetic or seal-less pumps don’t quite require the same amount of power required by the more heavy-duty, sealed pumps.

3 Must-Have Features for a Custom Mechanical Seal

Single and double mechanical seals come in several designs because they’re customized according to the specific applications within the industry that adopts them. Since mechanical seals serve such a wide range of sectors, they all have vastly different structures, designs, and features.