Cartridge Seals

EV03 Mechanical Seal


Double Balanced mechanical seal, multi spring, nose to nose design. For use on pumps, agitators and mixers. One of our best seal designs for tough applications with space restrictions.
EV05 Mechanical Seal


Single spring driven seal (right or left-hand spring available). Unique heavy duty design resists clogging in abrasive applications and is ideal for vertical sewage pumps.
EV06 Mechanical Seal


Multi spring stationary balanced seal that handles high temperature, high pressure hot water applications. Has flush, quench, and drain ports. Specifically designed to run at boiler feed water temperatures without need for external cooling.
EV07 Mechanical Seal


Outside mounted concentric double seal, multi stationary spring. Handles up to a quarter of an inch of radial run out.
EV09 Mechanical Seal


The EV09 dual, tandem 2 way hydraulically balanced cartridge seal is designed for maximum leakage control applications. Incorporates a built in pumping ring for forceful circulation of a barrier / buffer fluid. In tandem mode if the inboard seal fails the outer seal will prevent product leakage to atmosphere, preventing costly unplanned downtime.
  • One of our best seal designs for all application and environmental controls
EV10 Mechanical Seal


Welded metal bellows cartridge seal has a vent port for the recirculation of vapors to a recovery system or can be used as a quench port if a liquid or steam injection is utilized.

The seal can be modified to incoporate graphoil secondary seals for Cryogenic or High Temperature applications.
EV17 Mechanical Seal


Outside mounted, single, stationary seal design (no stuffing box required). Engineered for abnormal shaft movement. Hydraulically balanced for self-adjustment to pressure surges. Springs are isolated from pumped product to eliminate clogging.
EVSS Mechanical Seal


Based on the time proven experience of the diaphragm bellows seal, a pre-assembled, pre-set unbalanced single seal now available in a cartridge design.