Repair Service for all makes / models of Industrial refrigeration Compressor Seals

Compressor Seal Repair
Compressor Seal Repair 60mm MYCOM compressor double seal

Here are the steps a Compressor Seal goes through when sent to Robco of America’s repair facility:

  • Take digital pics. of all the seal parts.
  • Inspect seal for any abnormal wear or damage.
  • When we supply the repair quote we attach the digital pictures showing & explaining the scope of work required to fix the seal. You get to see what you are paying for.
  • We will bring to the customers attention any abnormal damage so they can check the compressor set up for any anomalies. We can also make recommendations for increasing seal run cycles through the upgrade of materials.

We CAN repair all makes and types of Compressor Seals.


Compressor Seal Repair

Compressor Seal Repair

(2) sets 90MM GEA-FES seals repaired for refrigeration plant in Louisiana New Carbon seal faces made & Silicon Carbide seats relapped.

Compressor Seal Repair

(2) sets 80MM refrigeration compressor seals repaired. New Carbon seats made & rotary seal faces relapped flat.

Compressor Seal Repair

100MM double refrigeration compressor seal set repaired for Dallas refrigeration plant. Silicon vs Tungsten. Seat has etched hydropads to decrease seal load.

Compressor Seal Repair

Frick 355 & 100MM FES-GEA seal sets sent in for repair from Industrial Refrigeration plant in Alaska. New Carbon seal face machined and rotary seat re-lapped flat, o’ring sealing surfaces polished. Seals were repaired in 2 days under emergency basis.

Compressor Seal Repair

100mm GEA / FES screw compressor seal repair

Compressor Seal Repairs

60mm MYCOM compressor double seal repair

Screw Compressor Seal Repair

Compressor seal repairs – ALL MAKES / MODELS