Custom Designed Double Vertical Mount Mixer Seal

A Chemical Tolling facility in central Ohio sent a 2.50? Vertical Mount Double mixer seal in for evaluation.

It was installed on a 5,000 Gal. tank with a 7ft. shaft extending into the tank.

No Shaft Steady Bushing.

The mechanical seal was in a non repairable condition due to the product end rotary metal bellows seal and the stationary Silicon Carbide seat broken into pieces. This damage was caused by the shaft deflecting and making physical contact with the stationary Silicon seat.

Robco of America offered to Custom Design a double vertical mount seal that could handle the shaft deflection issue. We modified our EV07 outside mounted cartridge seal to include a Shaft Steady Bushing into the lower portion of the stationary seal housing.

We also designed an Air Purge port into the upper rotary seal seat housing to allow trapped air to be purged from the seal Barrier Fluid circuit prior to seal start up.

The seal has been in operation for 6 months and is performing as designed.


Mixer Seal Repair

Double Metal Bellows Mixer Seal Repair

Product end rotary metal bellows seal ripped up.
Carbon rotary seal face worn down.
2.50" double metal bellows mixer seal carbon vs silicon non-repairable condition.
Product end silicon seat in pieces.

Double Metal Bellows Mixer Seal Repair

Air purge port.
Robco replacement seal.

Mixer Seal

Custom designed double vertical mount mixer seal by Robco of America