Double Assembly Agitator Seal Repair

Agitator Seal Repair

This is a 2.00" double Agitator seal assembly. It had a Ni-Resist product end stationary "T" clamp seat and a Ni-Resist upper stationary o'ring mount seat. There were two rotary Type 8 style seals with Carbon seal faces. O'rings were Viton.

We recommended replacing the upper (atmospheric side) stationary seat with a Silicon Carbide seat. We also drilled & installed an anti-rotation pin for this seat in the main housing (unit never had one previously). Robco machined a new lower (product end) stationary seat from 17-4 PH Stainless & heat treated / lapped flat.

New rotary Carbon seal faces were machined.

After analyzing the spring load on the rotary seal faces we determined there was too much load being applied to the seal faces, we installed new springs with lower tension at the operating length. Seal returned to customer 48 hours later.

Work Rendered for Seal Repair

This is the surface, the upper stationary seat sits against when installed. There should be an anti-rotation pin here to prevent the stationary seat from "slipping" & rotating during operation. If we repair this seal we will install a pin to prevent this from happening.

2" double seal assembly with stationary seats & main housing.
Seal unit was not hooked up to a barrier fluid loop during operation.
The upper rotary seal o'ring is brittle which is due to high temps. acting upon the elastomer.

Both carbon rotary carbon seal faces are worn, need replacing. Rotary housings to clean up & polish. New springs & setcrews to install.

Agitator seal repair by Robco of America.

Repaired double assembly agitator seal by Robco of America.

Repaired double assembly agitator seal by Robco of America.