Improved life on mixer seal

Mixer Seal Repair

3.937" double mixer seal sent in to Robco's repair facility for failure analysis & overhaul. Seal had Carbon faces, Silicon seats & Kalrez high temp. o'rings. After completing failure analysis Robco had new springs fabricated that supplied 25% less loading onto the seal faces. The seal failed due to a combination of too much spring tension coupled with the high system operating pressure (600 psig). New Silicon seal seats were fabricated & new Carbon seal faces machined. Mechanical seal was repaired & pressure tested to 100 psig.

Work Rendered for Seal Repair

3.937" double mixer seal with shaft bearing assembly sent in for failure analysis & repair.

Double row roller bearing assembly for repair.

Main seal housing with built in cooling coil. Silicon seat was in pieces.

All seal parts in poor condition due to failure of Silicon Carbide seat.

Finished job.

Finished job.