100mm Nippon Pillar Double Cartridge Seals overhauled

Seal Repair

A rotary equipment service company in Louisiana sent in these two 100mm Pillar seals for repair from a chemical plant. The double seal units had Carbon vs Chrome Oxide on outboard end and Silicon vs Silicon on product side with Viton o'rings. Robco of America machined a new Carbon Graphite seal face and cleaned, polished & relapped the rotary Chrome Oxide seal seat. We produced manufacturing prints for the two Silicon Carbide seal faces that were damaged and had replacements made in 2 weeks (6-8 weeks from OEM). Robco of America fabricated a test jig to carry out a pressure test on the re-assembled seals. Seals were pressure tested to 60 psig for 15 min. with no pressure drop. The seals are now back in operation.

Work Rendered