Repair - Reactors / Agitators / Mixers / Atomizers / Screw Pumps

Seal Repair

When a mixer, reactor, agitator seal is sent in to Robco of America for repair we inspect all parts, take digital pics. & supply our repair quote with pics. attached explaining scope of repair work required. We will also make recommendations to upgrade any seal parts to increase MTBF.

Robco of America can reverse engineer any worn out parts and manufacture in house. All Mixer / Agitator / Reactor seals are tested in house prior to return.

We repair units from Chemineer, Netzsch, Philadelphia, Lightnin, Pfaudler and more.


Mixer Seal Repair

Lightnin Mixer Seal Repair

4.50" Lightnin mixer seal unit with new rotary double o'ring seal installed to replace old Teflon wedge seal.

Double Sharpe Mixer Seal Repair

1. 3.50” Double sharpe mixer seal needs repair.
2. 3.50” Double sharpe mixer seal repaired.

Seal Repair

1. 3.00” double Lightnin mixer seal sent in for repair.
2. All metal parts re-machined & polished on o’ring sealing surfaces. New Carbon faces machined & lapped.
3. Repaired Lightnin seal re-assembled & pressure tested to 60 psi.

Seal Repair

1. (2) 3.00” Mixerpac double seal units sent in for repair.
2. One of the two units stripped down for inspection & failure analysis
3. Seal unit #1 repaired & tested to 60 psi. Ready to go.

Mechanical Seal Repair

Agitator Seal Repair

Agitator Seal Repair

1. 5.00” double agitator seal sent in for repair.
2. Agitator seal stripped down all parts were worn & in non repairable condition.
3. Customer advised us to replicate existing seal. New seal made & pressure tested to 60 psi ready to go.