Soft Gaskets


Enviropak 7600 provides steam performance equal to compressed asbestos and surpassing most non-asbestos sheet materials. Enviropak 7600 also has.

  • Better resistance to creep than other non-asbestos sheet materials
  • Outstanding Sealability
  • Unique, non-stick finish for easy release from flange faces
  • Stress ratings are similar to the compressed abestos fiber
  • Redesigning of flanges not generally required


  • Carbon Sheet
  • Superb performance in high temperature steam and a wide range of fluids
  • Temperatures to: 900?F (482?C)
  • Pressures to: 1900 psi (131 Bar)


Pure expanded PTFE in a thick tape form with an adhesive back for easy installtion. Compresses into a thin seal, which conforms to surface irregularities. ideal for maintenance, emergency repairs, or special design flanges where it will save time and won't generate any scrap material. Moldable chemical resistant gasket material. Good to 500?F.